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About us

Pakval is an independent company that specialises in warehousing and movement of stock

Pakval’s origins began 60 years ago with the commencement of Conga Foods, one of Australia’s leading private companies in the grocery industry.  Conga supplies groceries to multiple channels from small cafés to major supermarkets. With this experience and capabilities it wasn’t long before other companies and individuals sought Conga’s assistance. Pakval was created to cater for this demand of third party warehousing and handling whilst providing services that went beyond the storing of product.

We understand what dedication it takes to grow a business from its initial conception to a successful enterprise and we understand that this cannot be done without solid partnerships along the way

Irrespective of the size of your customer whether it is the corner shop or a 40,000sqm distribution centre, our level of detail and commitment remains the same.  Our background is in food and beverage, which by nature requires us to conform to strict procedures and regulations. This compels us to be more focussed than other 3PL providers, but it does not mean we only store food items. Whether it is bedding, clothes, electrical or whatever you may sell, the principal is always the same: how can we partner with you to make your life and your customer’s life easier?

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