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Why us?

Focus your energy and resources on other parts of the business


  • Allows you to focus on selling and marketing your products and not worrying about the function of warehousing
  • No warehouse OH&S issues
  • No upfront capital
  • Setting up a new warehouse can be difficult:
      • What space is required?
      • How many staff will be required to run it?
      • Does the expertise or the time to manage it effectively exist within your current personnel?
      • Can the capital outlay be used more effectively elsewhere in the business?
  • Buying or leasing is a fixed cost.  Using Pakval changes this to a variable cost – only pay for what you use.  As your business grows, rest assured that Pakval has the additional capacity to service your needs
  • Test a new project or business without betting the house.  Buy some stock and focus on selling it not storing it.

Using Pakval changes this to a variable cost – only pay for what you use.


Business Incubation – your idea, our infrastructure

IncubationOne great idea can be turned into a successful business if you have the right support and advice.  The process of turning that idea into reality can be complex and without the right planning and infrastructure it may take longer than you wish.  Pakval can be that partner that will facilitate your idea from concept to reality.  

Surpassed your storage capabilities?

If you are looking to expand your business interstate, use Pakval as your local warehouse to save on the ever increasing transport costs.  Require rooms to meet with your customers?  We can also help with that

  • StorageWe are not a logistics company that has excess capacity to store, we differ by being a company that specialises in warehousing, and logistics is just one of the services we provide.  We have partnerships with transport providers to remain flexible, in order to give you the perfect logistics solution that suits your company.

We know this industry and have existing relationships we can leverage giving you a head start

  • The space you require to run your warehouse is rarely static.  Stock holdings can move due to a variety of reasons including seasonality, currency fluctuations, speculative buying and changes in consumer trends.  Your current warehouse may be already at capacity or at times you have an overflow situation where you need to temporary store stock.  Unlike other 3PL providers we do not require minimum storage holdings or a fixed period of time.  We endeavour to be as flexible as possible to suit your business requirements.


International companies looking to expand to Australia

  • InternationalIf your company wants to enter into the Australian market you might be best placed to outsource your warehousing and logistics and use Pakval’s connections to access different channels.  This is a great way to test the Australian market without committing to a distribution agreement.
  • An alternative to having an agent in Australia who you depend on, you can simply set up an office that controls account management, high level branding and marketing of the products and let Pakval do the rest.  This allows you to take control of your branding and selling policies to maximise the return for you and your shareholders.  This will also prevent complicated agency agreements which can be risky and costly to change or terminate.

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